BBQ Gas Bottle Delivery in London

Whether you are an existing cylinder user or are new customer, we have the right bbq gas bottle for you.

The majority of new bbqs purchased in the UK will be fitted with gas regulators that have a 27mm diameter.

We have 4 bbq propane gas bottles that are compatible and these range from our standard metal cylinders to our industry leading plastic cylinders.

If you are unsure on which barbecue gas bottle is ideal for your situation, please call us on 020 7183 5790 - We would be glad to help!

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Flogas Patio Gas Bottle 11kg Refill

Patio gas 11 kg bottle is our most economical cylinder ideal for both small and large barbecues.

BP Green BBQ Propane Gas Bottle 6kg Refill

6kg BP patio gas bottle is ideal for bbqs which have dedicated cylinder storage compartments

BP/Flogas Light 5kg Propane Gas Bottle Refill

BP/Flogas 5kg propane gas bottle is ideal for barbecues, patio heaters and caravans.

BP/Flogas Light 10kg Propane Gas Bottle Refill

The market leading light weight 10kg propane gas bottle that is ideal for barbeques, patio heaters and caravans.

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