Patio Heater Gas

Patio Heater Gas

As well us providing propane gas cylinders for BBQ's, we also supply cylinders for patio heaters.

If you have purchased a patio heater within the UK, they are usually fitted with a 27mm propane clip/push on regulator or alternatively some commercial patio heaters are fitted with screw type propane regulators.

We stock and deliver cylinders for both either of these fitments to both commercial and home users across London.

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Flogas 11kg Leisure Propane Gas Bottle (Clip-On 27mm) Refill

Flogas 11kg gas bottle is ideal for patio heaters fitted with a 27mm clip on type propane regulator.

BP/Flogas Light 10kg Propane Gas Bottle Refill

The market leading light weight 10kg propane gas bottle that is ideal for barbeques, patio heaters and caravans.

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